RI Laptop Battery Replacement For HP Omen 15 Series – H RR04XL

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Omen 15, Omen 15-5000, Omen 15-5000na, OMEN 15-5000NA-K2V86EA, Omen 15-5000nc, OMEN 15-5000NC-K1G93EA, Omen 15-5000nd, OMEN 15-5000ND-K1R02EA, Omen 15-5000ne, OMEN 15-5000NE-K3F61EA, Omen 15-5000NF, OMEN 15-5000NF-K0X10EA, Omen 15-5000ng, OMEN 15-5000NG-K0X11EA, Omen 15-5000no, OMEN 15-5000NO-K0Y83EA, Omen 15-5000nt, OMEN 15-5000NT-K6Y10EA, OMEN 15-5000NW, OMEN 15-5000NW-K1G95EA, Omen 15-5001LA, Omen 15-5001NA, OMEN 15-5001NA-K2V87EA, Omen 15-5001NF, OMEN 15-5001NF-K8M19EA, Omen 15-5001ng, OMEN 15-5001NG-K4D47EA, Omen 15-5001NS, OMEN 15-5001NS-K6X70EA, Omen 15-5001TX, Omen 15-5002NF, OMEN 15-5002NF-L3R16EA, Omen 15-5002nx, OMEN 15-5002NX-K8L70EA, Omen 15-5002TX, Omen 15-5003NL, OMEN 15-5003NL-L2B60EA, Omen 15-5003TX, Omen 15-5004NL, OMEN 15-5004NL-L2S17EA, Omen 15-5004TX, Omen 15-5005NP, OMEN 15-5005NP-L5Z53EA, Omen 15-5005NS, OMEN 15-5005NS-L3S10EA, OMEN 15-5005TX, Omen 15-5006NS, OMEN 15-5006NS-L3S11EA, Omen 15-5006TX, Omen 15-5007TX, Omen 15-5008TX, Omen 15-5009TX, Omen 15-5010nr, Omen 15-5010NW, OMEN 15-5010NW-M1J90EA, Omen 15-5010TX, Omen 15-5011NC, OMEN 15-5011NC-L9N45EA, Omen 15-5011NL, OMEN 15-5011NL-L0N66EA, Omen 15-5011TX, Omen 15-5012NA, OMEN 15-5012NA-M1L52EA, Omen 15-5012NC, OMEN 15-5012NC-M3H50EA, Omen 15-5012TX, Omen 15-5013DX, Omen 15-5013TX, Omen 15-5014TX, OMEN 15-5014TX(K5C65PA), Omen 15-5015TX, Omen 15-5016TX, OMEN 15-5016TX(K8T62PA), Omen 15-5017TX, Omen 15-5018TX, Omen 15-5019TX, Omen 15-5020ca, Omen 15-5020NR, Omen 15-5020NV, OMEN 15-5020NV-L0C47EA, Omen 15-5020TX, Omen 15-5021TX, Omen 15-5022TX, Omen 15-5023TX, Omen 15-5024TX, Omen 15-5050na, OMEN 15-5050NA-K2V88EA, Omen 15-5050nr, OMEN 15-5050NR-K1Q31EA, Omen 15-5050sa, OMEN 15-5050SA-K2V89EA, Omen 15-5051LA, Omen 15-5051na, OMEN 15-5051NA-K2V90EA, Omen 15-5051sa, OMEN 15-5051SA-K2V91EA, Omen 15-5051UR, OMEN 15-5051UR-L1T52EA, Omen 15-5080NO, OMEN 15-5080NO-L0C49EA, Omen 15-5090nz, OMEN 15-5090NZ-K3F63EA, Omen 15-5097NF, OMEN 15-5097NF-M0C53EA, Omen 15-5098NF, OMEN 15-5098NF-M0C54EA, Omen 15-5099NR, Omen 15-5100, OMEN 15-5100NA-M2X47EA, Omen 15-5100NF, OMEN 15-5100NF-M1M43EA, Omen 15-5100NP, OMEN 15-5100NP-N2H69EA, Omen 15-5100NT, OMEN 15-5100NT-M6T17EA, Omen 15-5100NV, OMEN 15-5100NV-M2Y57EA, Omen 15-5100NX, OMEN 15-5100NX-M5M55EA, OMEN 15-5100UR-N0K43EA, OMEN 15-5101NX-N1L26EA, Omen 15-5101tx, OMEN 15-5101UR-N0K44EA, OMEN 15-5102NA-M2X49EA, Omen 15-5102tx, Omen 15-5102UR, OMEN 15-5102UR-N1L50EA, Omen 15-5103tx, OMEN 15-5103UR-N3W86EA, Omen 15-5104tx, Omen 15-5105tx, Omen 15-5106tx, Omen 15-5107tx, OMEN 15-5108TX, Omen 15-5109tx, Omen 15-5110ca, OMEN 15-5110NI-N3W56EA, Omen 15-5110nr, Omen 15-5110tx, Omen 15-5111tx, Omen 15-5112tx, Omen 15-5113dx, Omen 15-5113tx, Omen 15-5113TX(M4X89PA), Omen 15-5114DX, Omen 15-5114tx, Omen 15-5114TX(M4X90PA), Omen 15-5115tx, OMEN 15-5116TX, Omen 15-5117tx, Omen 15-5118tx, Omen 15-5120nr, OMEN 15-5150NE-P4H08EA, Omen 15-5180NO, OMEN 15-5180NO-M5L51EA, Omen 15-5190NZ, OMEN 15-5190NZ-M3Z82EA, Omen 15-5200, Omen 15-5201tx, Omen 15-5202tx, Omen 15-5203tx, Omen 15-5204tx, Omen 15-5205tx, Omen 15-5206tx, Omen 15-5207tx, Omen 15-5208tx, OMEN 15-5208TX(T9F95PA), Omen 15-5209tx, OMEN 15-5209TX(T9F96PA), OMEN 15-5210CA, OMEN 15-5210NA-N7K65EA, Omen 15-5210nr, Omen 15-5210NV, OMEN 15-5210NV-P1S39EA, Omen 15-5211NA, OMEN 15-5211NA-N7K66EA, Omen 15-5213dx, Omen 15-5220ca, Omen 15-5220nr, OMEN 15-5221NI-P4G32EA, OMEN 15-5250ND-N9R13EA, OMEN 15-5250NF-N7H97EA, OMEN 15-5250NL-N7K67EA, OMEN 15-5250NO-N7K68EA, Omen 15-5250NT, OMEN 15-5250NT-N7K69EA, Omen 15-5250NX, OMEN 15-5250NX-P1E77EA, Omen 15-5250UR, OMEN 15-5250UR-N7H99EA, Omen 15-5251NE, OMEN 15-5251NE-T8R98EA, OMEN 15-5251NO-P1Q73EA, OMEN 15-5251NP-P7T35EA, OMEN 15-5251UR-P0U03EA, OMEN 15-5252NL-T9R08EA, OMEN 15-5253NL-T9R09EA, OMEN 15-5255ND-N9S56EA, Omen 15-5268nr, Omen 15-5290NZ, OMEN 15-5290NZ-N9S77EA, OMEN 15-5299UR-P3N25EA, Omen 15t-5000, Omen 15t-5100, OMEN Notebook 15-5116TX, OMEN PRO 15-L9H59UT, OMEN PRO 15-L9H60UT, OMEN PRO 15-L9H60UTR, OMEN PRO 15-L9U78AA, OMEN PRO 15-L9U78AAR, OMEN PRO 15-M2T34AA, OMEN PRO 15-M2T35AA, OMEN PRO 15-M2T36AA, OMEN PRO 15-M2T37AA, OMEN PRO 15-M2T39AA, OMEN PRO 15-M2T41AA

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AMD Ryzen 5 1600

Sold By : RItwiz info


Brand AMD
Model Name Ryzen 5
Model Year 2017
Item Weight 45.4 g
Product Dimensions 4.1 x 0.8 x 4.1 cm
Item model number YD1600BBAEBOX
RAM Size 8 GB
Computer Memory Type DDR4 SDRAM
Operating System Windows
Processor Speed 3.2 GHz
Processor Count 6
Processor Socket Socket AM4
Hardware Platform Windows
Additional Features Specifications, # of CPU Cores 6, # of Threads 12, Base Clock Speed 3.2GHz, Max Turbo Core Speed 3.6GHz, Total L1 Cache 576KB, Total L2 Cache 3MB, Total L3 Cache 16MB, Unlocked Yes, CMOS 14nm, Package AM4, Thermal Solution : Wraith Spire, Default TDP / TDP : 65W
Included Components Processor and CPU Cooler


  • 6 Cores & 12 Threads
  • Base Clock: 3.2GHz, Max Boost Clock: up to 3.6GHz, 19MB Cache, TDP: 65W
  • System Memory Specification: 2667MHz, System Memory Type: DDR4, Memory Channels: 2
  • Socket: AM4, Motherboard Compatibility: AMD 300, 400 serles chipset based motherboards
  • Graphics: Separate Graphics Card is required, Heatsink Fan: Wraith Spire, Warranty: 3 Years Brand Warranty
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